Natural Pulses

Enriched with fiber, the use of pulses in meals keep the bowel functioning properly by ensuring easy digestion. However, in the market, many businesses in their way of earning more profits cheat their customers and provide poor quality pulses. Therefore, one should always be careful in buying the items that goes onto their plates. Switching to the range of Natural Pulses offered by Prabhu International provides our customers and the end-buyers with many benefits. Remarkable quality, great taste, no additives, no harmful chemicals and utmost nutrition, for instance. The assortment of Natural Pulses we offer includes variety of quality-assured variety of pulses that are cultivated via performing natural farming methods.

Fresh Chickpeas

Fresh Chickpeas are available are majorly harvested in summers or late spring. Enriched with high fiber content and protein, the offered variety of chickpeas is one of the best food items to include in your diet. In the view of this fact, we offer Fresh Chickpeas right from the farms to our customers ensuring the packaging of our food item is food grade and unmatched in quality. Apart from remarkable food quality, it is its affordable price, for which it is highly demanded in the market.

Fresh Split Black Gram

What makes us a reliable business partner for availing Fresh Split Black Gram? High quality or lower price? Although, our focus on these two parameters has made us a good company to ally with but it is our consistency in delivering our orders on-time because of which our customers look upon us as a trustworthy partner to buy goods from. However, Fresh Split Black Gram that we offer is free of all the dust, dirt and stones, thereby, ensuring buying this pulse is the best.

Natural Black Chickpeas

Natural Black Chickpeas 

Leveraging on our vast industry experience, we provide Natural Black Chickpeas, which are an incredible source of vitamins like B6, C, folate, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and minerals. These are known as a good source of protein. Eating these in a boiled form every morning give you several health benefits. Also, Natural Black Chickpeas can be eaten in sprout form also.

Split Bengal Gram

Split Bengal Gram or Chana Dal looks like small kernel of corns and has a similar taste, as well. It is one of the staples to be used in Indian cuisine. Apart from being used as a key ingredient in many Indian dishes like curries, savouries, soups, dal preparations, salads, etc., the offered variety of pulse are widely used in the flour form for making fritters and other starters. The flour of our offered Split Bengal Gram also finds usage as a key ingredient in many beauty care products. Face masks and face scrubs, for instance.

Natural Green Gram

Popular across the North-Western, Southern and Western regions of our nation, Natural Green Gram is enriched in protein, Iron and Calcium. Available in its cent percent natural and unprocessed form. Thus, doing justice to our product name. Grab the best deals from us at Natural Green Gram offered by us. Moreover, this legume variety is sealed using food grade packaging of unmatched quality and sold at economically feasible prices. For this reason, the said product is highly demanded in the market.

Fresh Yellow Pigeon Peas

Fresh Yellow Pigeon Peas are mainly harvested during the fall months or late summers. From their raw to mature form, the mentioned peas can be used in both the ways for preparing food. Also known as toor dal in Hindi, it is one of the staple legumes in Indian household. Therefore, to fulfill increasing demands for the same, we offer Fresh Yellow Pigeon Peas of unmatched quality by providing it to our customers at fair prices and within the committed time frame.


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